Oliver Queen (ISTP)

Ti: Oliver doesn’t share his thought process with others. This constantly causes friction between him and his team. Oliver is able to analyze his opponents for potential weakness. (He takes advantage of Flash’s impulsiveness).
Se: Oliver is able to take advantage of his environment in a fight. He improves his sword fighting skills in a relatively short time. Oliver is a skilled with a bow, and has no problem hitting moving targets. During times of high emotion Oliver turns to physical pleasures.
Ni: Oliver is a skilled strategist capable of defeating opponents stronger than himself. He’s willing to wait a long time before seeing results. (He goes undercover in League of Shadows in order to defeat Raz Al Ghul).
Fe: Everything Oliver does is motivated by the people he loves. He becomes the Arrow so he can honor his father’s memory. Even though he is usually observant, Oliver has a blindspot when it comes to his loved ones.

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