The Creature (INFJ)

Ni: The Creature is entirely focused on connecting with someone else of his kind. He is even willing to give up on his revenge to achieve this goal. He only devotes his life to revenge, after he loses his chance of companionship. The Creature hinges his entire happiness on human (sort of) connection. When he explains his past, every detail is connected to his present to situation.
Fe: The Creature learns his morals from watching another family. He believes he will become a better person if he finds companionship. He blames his crimes on outside influences. He uses emotional arguments when attempting to reason with Frankenstein.
Ti: The Creature increases his knowledge by watching another family. He learns how to speak, and eventually read through secondhand lessons meant for another.
Se: The Creature is physically superior to human beings. This allows him to glide on ice, jump from window, and even dodge bullets (to a certain degree).

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