Getting Something Off My Chest

Don’t get me wrong, I love MBTI. I even believe that an accurate understanding of the MBTI can benefit society (by improving communication). I’m a fan, but I understand something about MBTI some bloggers seem to have forgotten. At the end of the day, MBTI isn’t that important.

You are not going to fix world hungry with MBTI. In fact, most of the world problems isn’t going to be fixed by this personality system. That’s perfectly okay. MBTI does not need to cure cancer in order to become interesting.

My problem is with people who act like it really is that important. If you don’t like MBTI, then don’t blog about it. It’s that simple. If in between blogging about MBTI, you’re frequently complaining about how much you hate the system, than there is a problem.

Honestly, I understand some of the complains. I understand being frustrated at the “sensors are inferior” theory. It’s dumb, and ultimately unhelpful. However, if all you do is complain about how much you hate MBTI, you are wasting your time. No one is being forced to blog about MBTI. If that’s how you feel, than don’t blog about it. I’m about 70 percent sure that you haven’t been cursed to continue an MBTI blog by some sinister creature. I guess what I’m trying to say is, MBTI isn’t your cross to bear for the greater good. Stop acting like it is.


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